Hotel steeped in history.

“The Hotel Reine Victoria in St. Moritz Bad, which is decorated in a neo-Baroque style, was built in 1875 by Nicolaus Hartmann Sen. and extended in 1895 by the Zurich firm, Chiodera & Tschudy. It is an excellent example illustrating the hotel boom at a time of emerging tourism. With its figurative decorative paintings, it belongs to the stylistically and technically rich oeuvre of the Milan artist, Antonio De Grada (1858-1938).

The figurative and floral decorative paintings are directly related to those found in Zurich villas and sacral buildings in northern Italy. Already back in the 1870s, the Engadin was both a reference point and workplace for the artist, not least due to his close friendship with his childhood friend, Giovanni Segantin.” (Dr. Marc Philip Seidel, The Reine Victoria in St. Moritz – a showcase hotel in the historicist style)

Article about the architectural history of the hotel (From: Piz 51, magazin for the Engadin and Bündner Südtäler.)